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Water Sports

Just imagine your next vacation in the tropics and the opportunity to go sea diving or reef diving, to explore cenotes, to meet bull sharks or admire majestic whale sharks while in the ocean.

It’s a whole new world, that welcomes you in, the underwater environment of colourful corals and friendly reef fish.

Private Scuba Dive Course

"Scuba diving opens up an entirely new world for you."

Kiteboarding Course

Tulum is the perfect place for Kiteboarding enthusiasts 

No need to say that Tulum is one of the best places to learn kiteboarding around the world,  but it's not all about that!

Here you can be busy every day with our paddleboarding tours in front of the Mayan ruins, combining it with snorkeling in the cenotes, lagoons or on the barrier reef.

You'll never forget Kitesufing Tulum beach!

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